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Is Twitter the New Nielsen Ratings?

twitter-tvI stumbled across an article today about Nielsen new Twitter TV ratings. 


Can you remember the days the when you’d get the TV Diary in the mail with a crisp $1 bill and you’d fill it out logging what shows you watched.  I don’t really remember why it was so fun but I just remember getting so excited when it came time to fill the TV logs out.  I can remember sitting on the floor at the coffee table in the living room (on our green shag carpet) filling out the diary.  Maybe it was for the dollar, maybe it made me feel like an adult doing the same thing my parents were doing or maybe I felt like I was voting for my favorite shows – who knows.

Now there’s a twist to the process, social media is being looked at to help gather TV viewing statistics.  It makes sense; find out what people are talking about.  I’ve thought about TV producers looking at the viewer sentiment before with all the data that can  be pulled but I never associated it to that book I used to fill out.  Funny how things come back but in a different form.  I just wonder if the 10 year old’s of today will look back and say “Remember when I had to type into my phone to send a tweet?”  That kind of makes me sound old…

Here’s another example of how things change…


The old calculator watch.


Today’s Pebble Smart Watch

That’s all I got this week.



Blogger FAIL!

Everyone has opinions on the top do’s and don’ts for blogging.  The most common “do” is to post on a regular schedule.  What I find strange is during the school year it is easier for me to do than during this past summer break.  Maybe it’s because blogging is a good break from homework.  Or it could be that I put a lot of pressure on myself to make my posts GREAT during the summer because I wasn’t spending so much time doing homework.  I wanted to dive into as many social media platforms as possible and post on them.  Can I just say – information overload!!!!  Therefore I just didn’t post creating Blogger Fail.

Well I’m back to blogging and I’ve given up my grand plans on being  a “Master” of all social platforms that I thought I would have achieved over the summer.  I posted on a few but didn’t hit all that I wanted to.  Here are two that I had planned on discussing earlier.

foursquareThere was my stint with FourSquare.  It’s a social networking mobile site.  You check in at different locations and share with your friends where you are.  You can write tips about the different venues or share on different platforms such as Facebook.  Each check in earns you points.  I’m not sure what to do with these points.  Maybe I’m just too old for this or I don’t go enough places but I just found it more of a pain when I tried to do it full-time.  I still find myself still checking in at times and it is kind of fun for some reason when I get notifications of earned badges etc.

twitterThen there is Twitter.  I struggle with this platform for some reason.  I totally get it and if I didn’t feel the need to follow different social media Twitter “celebs” I might enjoy it more.  There is just a constant flow of information there that again I found it too much!  The re-tweets on things I don’t care about and the companies or people who post multiple times an hour just wore me out.  With 140 characters how can it get that complicated and annoy me so much?

As a future marketer that really does enjoy social media, I find it funny that I struggle with it at times.  I love how social media has evolved so quickly into our mainstream lives.  I love how some companies or celebrities have successfully embraced it.  Jimmy Fallon tops my list of social media masters!  When I sit back as a user I’m fine with it.  Or when I look at it from the perspective of a marketer, again I’m fine with it.  But when I feel like I need to master it- chaos!


My point to this whole rambling post is – our world is on information overload so we all need to find our comfy place in it.  As part finding my comfy place, I’m going to try to post regularly again but now only once a week.


Mid Week Post – How Social Media is Changing the World

A friend recently sent this to me and I wanted to share.  It recaps everything I’ve studied on my own this summer.  Some I’ve shared with you already and some is still to come.  It’s a bit long, at lease skim over it to see all the areas in our day-to-day world that social media is changing how we receive information.  Full Graphic

How Social Media is Changing the World

As August approaches, it’s hitting me I have one month left before Fall term starts up again.  Even though I haven’t posted as regularly as I wanted to this summer, I have been busy diving into the social media world.  I now know this is where I want my focus to be as I wrap up my degree.  Hope you enjoy the infographic.



What are Hashtags??? Hashtags are used everywhere.  They started on Twitter back in 2007 then showed up on Instagram and now they’re appearing on Facebook among many other social media sites. Hashtag basics: Hashtags can’t have spaces in them. They … Continue reading

Social Media Paloozaa!

Today I attended the DFW Rocks Social Media seminar.  


It was a smorgasbord of different social media platforms, perspectives and networking.  After a busy Saturday I wasn’t sure how I felt about getting up early to spend all day in a hotel conference room.  After the first 2 presentations I knew I made the right choice to be there.

The first presentation was by Johnny Tan.  He spoke about relationship building.  What perfect timing as I was about to meet a lot of new people throughout that day that one day I might be able to help them in one manner or another or they may help me.  Then it hit me how unprepared I was.  I need personal business cards.  I have cards for my day job and I made cards for my blog but they don’t have any contact information on them.  Looks like I have a new project!

social media networking

The second presentation was by Kate Buck.  I couldn’t take notes fast enough. She spoke about how to get results from a business Facebook page.  Again – what perfect timing.  Just this month I’ve officially started volunteering with the Golden Retriever Rescue organization where my Lola came from.  One of the responsibilities I’ve taken on is to help administer the Facebook page.  Kate spoke about how different types of interactions with followers get you different results, she shared some different ways to engage users, as well as tools to monitor your progress.  I got so many idea I hope I remember them all!

All the presentations were great and all the attendees that I met were nice too.  They genuinely seem to care about everyone there and care about helping you move in the direction you want to go in.  Even if say…you’re not sure where you’re going, like yours truly.  What could have been a very intimidating situation since I don’t have any real-world social media experience with clients turned out to be very encouraging day.  I never felt out of place.

After dealing with a pretty heavy case of burnout, I finally feel like I’m on the right track.  I’m working on the things I wanted to this summer and at my own pace.  It feels good!


My First Meetup

Now that school is out, I’m making sure I get out and do the things I couldn’t do because I didn’t have time.  My plan is to share with you the new things I try that relate to social media and marketing this summer.

This past week’s new adventure was attending my first Meetup.


What is a Meetup?  It’s a gathering of people with similar interests such as running, hiking, pets, dance, games, etc.  It’s an online social networking site that serves as a community bullitan board of activities and meetings going on in your area that you can sign up for and attend…off-line.

When looking up the definition of Meetup on Wikipedia I learned the interesting story of how and why Meetup was started.  After the 9/11 attacks Scott Heiferman, the sites co-founder noticed how the people of New York came together.  This connection inspired him to create the Meetup community online (Meetup.com) so anyone could connect with strangers with similar interests in their own community.  

So my first Meetup was with a trail running group.  Yes, I’m trailblazing again!!  It was a lot of fun.  There were 4 of us and our leader who is very familiar with the trails where we ran showed us newbies how to look for snakes, slick terrain (we just had some rain here) and poison ivy.  He also gave us tips for running on areas with large rocks, how to pace yourself when running up hills, staying hydrated and running through creeks.  My favorite part of the run was how he talked to us,  he talked about “our training.”  That gave me an instant feeling of belonging to the group.  I will definitely run again with the Tejas Trail Runners!

Happy Memorial Day!!! (from Tipper, Lola and cousin dog Maggie)

Memorial Day


Power of the Second Screen

Lately you may have noticed some TV shows are pushing viewers to interact with the show online through Facebook, their website or Twitter.  It’s usually on shows like the Super Bowl, the Oscars, or finales like The Voice. 

Statistics show the majority of people watching TV have a laptop, smart phone or tablet in front of them, “the second screen.”  We now live in a multitasking world; TV viewers are reading email, surfing the net, catching up with friends through social media or shopping.  So why not try to get the viewers to spend that multi-tasking energy with the show they are watching?


This interaction on the “second screen” is going to happen whether the programmed show or the paid advertisements want it to or not.  So to try to gain the control of the viewer they used to have, they have started getting viewers to interact with them through different platforms and they are bringing it together on a centralized space to help build their brand by integrating content from actual viewers, in real time with their own content.

Two Screen Viewers

TV shows are not just using social media during the broadcast but they are using it to build a “buzz” about the show at other times.  HBO initiated a pre-show campaign using social media for their series The Game of Thrones to address the concerns the loyal fan base of the books would not like the series or those that had not read the books would not watch the show if they weren’t fans of fantasy genre.  So what did they do? 

  1. They launched teasers to the audiences on HBO.com and YouTube to draw interest.
  2. As the premiere approached they increased their presence on Facebook and YouTube by creating a series of challenges for people to follow or posting pictures of fans with a replica of the Iron Thrown in select cities.  
  3.  Then during the first season they launched The Battle of the Iron Throne Facebook game. 

One could say –“Well done HBO” as the Game of Thrones is one of the more popular series HBO has.  BUT they haven’t stopped there.  As the anticipation for Season 3 increases – here’s a picture of the Feb 25th edition of the New York Times.   Now that is well played!!

New York Times Game of Thrones promotion

Thanks goodness Explore.org doesn’t have a live webcam on the dragon babies…(reference to Chronicles of my Online Dog-watching Obsession)