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CurrentTrending Topics for a Grad Student

“Trending” seems to be trending in social media talk.  So what’s trending in my life right now:

  • Midterms/ Studying
  • Late Nights
  • Tired
  • Stress
  • Study Break Munchies
  • Minimal Social Life
  • Procrastination
  • Full DVR
  • Upcoming Project Deadlines
  • Did I already say tired..I meant exhaustedstress demands increasing

It’s the mid-point of the semester and that means the stress of studying for mid-term exams is high and the demands of deadlines are cranking up!

So if you’re trying to manage a higher than usual stress level like me -keep in mind there’s always an end to it all.  Mine is in May until then I’ll take the weekend.keep-calm-its-almost-friday-4




Guess who’s going back to school?

A year ago if you had told me I would be registered at The University of Texas at Dallas for a Masters in Marketing AND blogging about it, I wouldn’t have believed you.  You could say I started off 2011 with either a mid-life crisis or just a lot of self-introspection about my future.  Twelve months later I’ve taken but not so much mastered the GMAT, been accepted into graduate school, have met my adviser and registered, and, as of today  I’ve paid my first tuition payment…OUCH!  (The mid-life-crisis sports car will have to be a graduation present.)
So why blog about it?
I’ve attended two orientation classes for my up-and-coming “future.”   As I sat there and listened to the presentations I got excited about what was ahead of me but also had to laugh to myself … and later on the phone with friends and family. 
The main driver for me to go back to school was to learn new skills to make a change with my career, not so much for the diploma, additional letters after my name, etc.   To be honest, the thought of going back to a campus, studying for exams, homework, group projects, papers, class time, etc, overwhelmed and scared me a bit.  Not to mention it didn’t sound like fun!
Here’s where the fun begins…in my first orientation I learned how the Student Union Building “rocks” because it has pool tables and was reminded about the ever-so-fun college health clinic being available as well as my all time undergrad favorite – intramural sports…NOT!   I have a full-time job along with very close relationships with friends and family- and I can’t leave out my very faithful pups, Tipper and Lola that all fill my time nicely.  Can I have a discount on my tuition if I promise not to play pool, join a soccer team or go see any of their “doctors”?
In last night’s orientation “honesty and leadership” were the focus.  Again… I’ve worked for large corporations where I would not have survived without being honest and ethical.  Leadership?  Anyone close to me will understand these words “RESIGN PROJECT ”.  This rollout taught me under the fire of deadlines, how to lead an 1800 project rollout with many moving pieces and people involved. 
So to sum this up, I have a little more confidence now for next Tuesday’s first day of class and look forward to what I’m going to learn about marketing and life as a 41 year old college student…