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The Common Cold Killed January

Well at least it killed my January.  I would say my symptoms started around my Birthday on the 7th.  They weren’t too bad and would come and go.  Things changed drastically the next week.  Monday the 13th I thought I would go to the doctor to nip this thing in the bud only to find out it was “just a cold…and had to run its course”.  Tuesday I felt so bad I wanted someone to take me out in my back yard and shoot me to put me out of my misery.  Wednesday I threw in the towel and cancelled my trip to go see my parents.  The rest of the month was a roller coaster filled with ups and downs…being able to breathe, not being able to breath, feeling better but no energy, etc.   I would think it was gone then sadly new symptoms would surface.  I can honestly say now…finally… I’m back at 100%.

At what expense though?

  • The trip to see my parents.  We weren’t able to see each other at the holidays.  I wanted to get down to Corpus Christi before my semester got crazy busy.
  • I’ve lost a month on my New Year’s fresh start.  I love the New Year.  I love to set goals and start fresh after the holidays.
  • A whole month of inTuitionat40 posts.  I had big plans of posting once a week until graduation.
  • Getting my work load at the office under control before school started up.  Hahahahahahaha – it’s nowhere near being tamed.
  • Work outs – no running, no yoga, no boxing class…NOTHING!
  • A trip to the retirement home with Lola, my Golden Retriever.  We passed our Therapy Dog Team test back in the Fall and we go to visit the residents.  We had to delay our 2nd visit because I was sick.  You can follow our visits at: Pawsitively Lola

Sooo…with all that said I’m going to follow in my Father’s footsteps and my New Year started Saturday.  Years ago he quit smoking on Ground Hog Day.  He said he’d decided to let everyone else declare their New Year’s Resolutions and fall off the wagon and he would start his resolution on Ground Hog Day.   My head is clear and I’m ready to take control of my obligations (work, school, house, etc.) vs. feeling they are controlling me.

My first step – keeping up with school.  I have 3 weeks behind me of my first semester.  Here’s a view of what I see as I walk out of my bedroom each morning.  I’m so excited I’m on the home stretch of my degree.  I hope I can regularly share the journey of the next 13 weeks with you as I bring my inTuitionat40 blog to a close and graduate with my MS in Marketing in May.


Hall View


Close Up – I count down every week. It’s very exciting.

Happy Ground Hog Resolutions to those of you that have had a hard time in January.  It’s OK to take a do-over…I am.  🙂



HOT Registration

Tomorrow I register for Summer and Fall terms.    I’ve scouted out the available courses with my degree plan and it concerns me for future semesters that there aren’t a lot of options.  Regardless I’ll be taking 2 classes each term; one in the classroom and one online.  I’m interested to find out how the online courses go but I’ll save that topic for another day.

As I mentioned above, when scheduling my classes for each semester I referenced my degree plan and course schedules.  My latest “learning” in my back-to-school efforts is another tool available for “us” students in our registration efforts …Rate My Professor (http://blog.ratemyprofessors.com/).  It is a website where you can type in a professor’s name and see how previous students have rated them.  The different categories are:

  • Overall Quality
  • Helpfulness
  • Clarity
  • Easiness
And drumroll….
  • Hotness
Now none of my current teachers have been rated on this “Hotness” measurement and sadly none of my future professors have received a chili pepper either.  You aren’t rated on the 4 point scale as in the other categories for Hotness – you get a chili pepper.  Mom, does this make you wish you were still teaching???
Here’s to chili peppers in my future!!