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Mid-Week Post: Club W

Who needs techno music, crowds or smoked filled rooms with a club like this!  Club W is your own personal wine matchmaker.

Wine Bottles

Answer a few questions about your feelings towards different flavors like coffee, salt, citrus, etc. and how adventurous you are about trying new foods, then it builds a profile for you.  One thing I didn’t understand – it didn’t ask me about my feelings towards chocolate…I guess that would create a need for a whole different club!

Club W takes your answers and gives you  recommendations of 12 wines for you to choose from.  As a member you get 3 bottles of wine for $39.  If you order 6 bottles shipping is free.  You can also learn about the specific wines from their website, or QR codes on the bottle

blogqrQR Code (Quick Response Code) = an image that can be scanned to give you information.  Use for a variety of applications but a growing use is for marketing.  


And yes iPhone users, there is an App!!!