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InTuitionAt40 Year in Review

What a year!!  I have another year behind me as well as 2 more semesters under my belt.  Let’s take a look at how my inTuitionAt40 going-back-to-school blog did.

For 2013 here are some of inTuitionAt40’s milestone:

InTuitionat40 Stats Recap

Top 5 posts –

  1. Game of Thrones Twitter Support
  2. Super Bowl Sunday
  3. SWF Desperately Seeking Successful…SEO???
  4. My First Meetup
  5. Chronicles of my Online Dog-watching Obsession

Overall it’s been a good year with my blog and school.  I’ve learned a lot in the classroom and out.  There’s still lots of unknowns of where I’m headed but I know the end is near.  I’m looking forward to have my evenings back and not having to worry with classes, exams, group projects and especially tuition…does that sound like senioritis already???  Maybe a little.  Classes start soon and I promise I’ll try to post regularly again.

Happy New Year!



Final Countdown!

It’s the Final Countdown!!


I can see the end in sight.  (Even though my eyes itch like crazy from allergies!)   In 3 weeks I’ll be wrapping up my 4th semester in my Grad School journey.  So what’s left between now and the start of my summer break???

  • One Test – Marketing Research
  • Infographic Resume – Digital Lab
  • Data Visualization Assignment  – Digital Lab
  • Video Resume  – Digital Lab
  • Group Report & Presentation – Marketing Research
  • AdWords Group Project Report – Digital Lab

It may seem like a lot but I think it will be manageable.  Fingers crossed.  Point is – if you don’t hear much from me between now and then, chances are I’m working on one of the above items.

Even though I won’t be taking classes I’ll still be working hard this summer.  I’m determined to find my focus for my degree plan and start working towards a clear goal.  I’ve learned so much since my first day of class.  Everything seems so interesting that at times it’s a bit overwhelming.

So the good news is – I should have plenty of material during the summer for inTuitionat40!


Back to Reality

Reality starts next week but in my last few hours before classes start up again, I’m enjoying the Golden Globes.

Over the past 4 weeks I have been crazy obsessed with movies.  I love the 2-3 hour escape from reality I get when the lights dim and show begins.  The only thing I have to do is just sit there and watch.  I don’t have to worry about errands, deadlines, checking email or checking my phone.  In fact I love the clip telling me to turn off or silence my phone.  It just reassures me – I DON’T have to do ANYTHING else but relax and enjoy the show.

Movie Popcorn

Recently I have watched  a secret operation to extract six fugitive American diplomatic personnel out of revolutionary Iran (Argo), the hunt for Osama bin Laden (Zero Dark Thirty), Lincoln pass the Thirteenth Amendment (Lincoln), the journey to bring the sport of fly fishing to the Yemen desert (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen), a freed slave’s mission to rescue is slave wife (Django Unchained), a former prisoner, Jean Valjean create a new life for himself while avoiding being captured by a police inspector (Les Miserables), the list could go on.  (Reminder: I did say I had been obsessed.)


Now that the holidays are over, my birthday has passed and most of my chores are done, it’s time to go back to the world of juggling my work, school and personal lives.  With that said, I believe I’m ready to walk back on to campus this week to continue my journey further into the world of marketing…and of course bring you along with me.  So stay tuned as I continue to share the new things I learn, the new obstacles I cross and the fun little marketing bits I pick up along the way.

Are you Native or an Immigrant? Part 2

I wanted to continue a little more on last week’s post.  I thought about how I’ve changed recently to utilize some of the benefits that technology has to offer.

  • I love having one of my textbooks on my iPad.  BUT in true immigrant form, I take notes from the chapters in a spiral notebook.
  • When I research topics for my group projects, I copy and paste the information from articles I find on the internet along with the link to the site for future reference.  Then I digitally highlight the points of interest I used vs printing out the article and highlighting with an actual highlighter pen.
  • I have created flash cards on my iPhone w vocabulary words vs old paper note cards.
  • I not only input my grocery list on my iPhone vs paper notes, I have lists for different stores in my phone as well.
  • I love that the latest iPhone update put Reminders on the iCloud.  I can now type in my to-do’s or reminders and access them from my phone at anytime.

Where I have a ways to go to keep up with my Native classmates:

  • I do still print reports or presentations out to edit them
  • I still print out the professors lecture notes before class so I can take notes “old school” style by the slide vs typing them in the presentation like my peers do.
  • AND most of all – I don’t switch media every two minutes!  Seriously???  How does anyone focus with all that change???

I will say I’m improving in my digital savvy skills by picking up some of the digital native ways, but I will always hang on to some of my immigrant traits and be proud of them.

Reality check…full circle

Tonight I left for class feeling ambitious and thinking I’m going to school! Tonight’s my in-class school night and it’s about a subject I’m really interested in!  Interactive Digital Media.

I sit down with my iPad instead of a text book feeling pretty good about myself. The lecture starts and it’s a guest speaker.  Now I’m even more excited…someone from the industry is going to tell us about how search engines work.  This is so far from what I do all day – how exciting!  Well…as he starts speaking I hear more acronyms than we have in our office.   Some I know…most I don’t.  SEO, PPC, CPC, CVR, the list goes on – ahhhh!!!!   I tell myself  “Just take notes and you can look it up later.”   I begin to feel a little better as I’m able to figure some of them out during the lecture.  Then the questions start popping up from my fellow classmates.

That’s where things really start to turn.  Seriously??  How do they know all this stuff already?  How do they know how to ask such in-depth questions?   I’m now feeling old.  All I can think about is how yesterday I was fitted for my mouth guard so I will quit clinching my teeth when I sleep.

Then I remember next week I go to the eye doctor where I’ll probably have to get stronger lenses for my glasses!  I sit in the classroom thinking – What am I doing here!!???!!  What do I really want to do with myself when I finish this program?  It seemed like everyone in the room is there building off what they are already doing in their every day lives.   I don’t deal with any of this stuff.  I deal with placing fixtures in a store, customer traffic patterns and managing rollouts.  I deal with the brick and mortar world – not the digital world!

Thankfully, reality kicked in……………that’s why I’m here.

I’m here to learn new things and open new doors.  I don’t have to know what I want to do at this moment.  So I tuned back into class and left feeling different than when I walked in the door…

but still optimistic!!

Good night!


Textbook Tips

As I embark the start of my second semester I thought I’d share the most recent tips I’ve learned in my back-to-school journey.

Helpful Tips

Textbooks – I remember them being expensive but seriously $200+??  For one book????   For my first semester courses, I fumbled my way through the buying process but now I feel like a seasoned veteran.

Tip #1 – I found that I could cash in my Capital One points for Amazon gift cards.  So I quickly switched from using my American Airlines credit card for everything to my Capital One card.  I charge all my day-to-day purchases on it from groceries to gas and dry cleaning…and even the dreaded tuition payment.  Each month I pay off the full balance earning points for every purchase without the interest charges

Tip #2 – Buy used and don’t by from the nearby book stores.   I found that Amazon offers the best prices, regardless the fact is is basically free for me with my gift cards earned in tip #1.  I bought my Marketing Management book from Amazon but the seller was a company called textbooksRus  (   The price was fair and the book was in great condition.   For my Summer term I went back to Amazon and found my Advertising & Promotions book (thru for only $5.41!!!  New it was $204!!!!  Yes two hundred and four dollars!!!!!  I thought – I have plenty of time before class starts so I’ll give it a try.  The description said the condition was good so I went for it.   After expediting the shipping to get it here sooner in case there was a problem, my less than $15 textbook arrived on my doorstep in perfect condition to start class this week.  What a find!!!!

Tip #3 – Selling books back – I was told campus book stores typically pay more so that is where I tried first…only after I checked out the price textbooksRus would give me.  I promise they aren’t paying me for this endorsement but they more than doubled the amount I was being offered plus they gave me a pre-paid shipping label.  I absolutely love this company!  My check came in the mail today and I’m so excited to go to the bank tomorrow and deposit it.

Tip #4 – This really doesn’t qualify as a textbook tip but it was one I found very helpful my last semester.  I bought an app for my iPhone (iFlash) that allows me to type in flashcards on my computer then sync them up with my phone.  I almost always have my phone with me so they are handy to reference if I’m at work waiting on a meeting to start, sitting in the dentist’s office waiting for my appointment, or even reviewing before going to bed.  I can turn off my reading lamp because the phone lights up and I don’t have to worry about ruining them if I fall asleep and drool on them if they were on the old fashioned note cards.  😉

That’s all I have for now.  I start the summer semester this Thursday.  I’m interested to take my first online class so I’m sure I’ll come across even more tips to share in the student world.  Stay tuned!


Happy Mother’s Day!

I thought I’d take  break from studying for finals to write a dedication post to mothers and my mom in particular.  Not only is it Mother’s Day, but as I’m wrapping up my first semester in grad school I can’t help but think I wouldn’t be doing this without her.  Not only for the obvious reason that she’s my mom and she brought me into this world but for a valuable lesson I learned from her my senior year in high school.

First let me introduce you to her.  Here’s a picture of my mom on her wedding day.  Is she pretty?

Back to my senior year… I can remember the conversation very clearly.  We were in the kitchen and she was making dinner.  It was probably around 6 pm since we always had dinner at 6:30.  I asked her if there was any way I could go off to college for my freshman year.  The rule in the family was we were to attend the local Jr College that my mom taught at for our first year to get a lot of the basics out of the way and to save money.  So her answer thinking it was a safe one was “You find a way to pay for it and you can go.”

The next day I came home from school with a book probably 400 pages thick of available scholarships.   And if memory serves me correctly… she called me a little shit.  I’m sure it was out of awe and endearment for me taking charge of the opportunity she had propositioned me with.  Well, I applied for anything I could.  If it didn’t exclude me in the list of qualifications, I applied.  Turns out I was granted enough money to go away the following year.

It was at that point in my life, I learned that no matter who you are or how old you are – you can make changes in you own life if you’re willing to work for it.

I’m a thinker.  If I’m dealing with a problem my brain will stew on the issue at hand.  I don’t really talk about it because I feel the answer is within me so I “process” until the answer becomes apparent.  Once it does – I act on it without thinking twice or looking back.  Hence, here I am studying for my last final my first semester in Grad school when a year ago the idea of going back to school wasn’t even a prospect.

So to all my friends that are moms – you just never know what lessons you might teach your kiddo’s unintentionally.  And Mom – I may not have carried on other lessons you tried to teach me about dinner at 6:30 every night (although I do cook in a lot for a single person AND I’ve grown to like more veggies than canned green beans) but I do get by through life with the independence and determination you taught me.   Happy Mother’s Day!