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InTuitionAt40 Year in Review

What a year!!  I have another year behind me as well as 2 more semesters under my belt.  Let’s take a look at how my inTuitionAt40 going-back-to-school blog did.

For 2013 here are some of inTuitionAt40’s milestone:

InTuitionat40 Stats Recap

Top 5 posts –

  1. Game of Thrones Twitter Support
  2. Super Bowl Sunday
  3. SWF Desperately Seeking Successful…SEO???
  4. My First Meetup
  5. Chronicles of my Online Dog-watching Obsession

Overall it’s been a good year with my blog and school.  I’ve learned a lot in the classroom and out.  There’s still lots of unknowns of where I’m headed but I know the end is near.  I’m looking forward to have my evenings back and not having to worry with classes, exams, group projects and especially tuition…does that sound like senioritis already???  Maybe a little.  Classes start soon and I promise I’ll try to post regularly again.

Happy New Year!



Is Twitter the New Nielsen Ratings?

twitter-tvI stumbled across an article today about Nielsen new Twitter TV ratings. 


Can you remember the days the when you’d get the TV Diary in the mail with a crisp $1 bill and you’d fill it out logging what shows you watched.  I don’t really remember why it was so fun but I just remember getting so excited when it came time to fill the TV logs out.  I can remember sitting on the floor at the coffee table in the living room (on our green shag carpet) filling out the diary.  Maybe it was for the dollar, maybe it made me feel like an adult doing the same thing my parents were doing or maybe I felt like I was voting for my favorite shows – who knows.

Now there’s a twist to the process, social media is being looked at to help gather TV viewing statistics.  It makes sense; find out what people are talking about.  I’ve thought about TV producers looking at the viewer sentiment before with all the data that can  be pulled but I never associated it to that book I used to fill out.  Funny how things come back but in a different form.  I just wonder if the 10 year old’s of today will look back and say “Remember when I had to type into my phone to send a tweet?”  That kind of makes me sound old…

Here’s another example of how things change…


The old calculator watch.


Today’s Pebble Smart Watch

That’s all I got this week.


Breaking the Cultural Divide

Last week was a crazy one.  I had 2 group projects due and each one had a presentation to go with it.   I’m proud to say both groups pulled off our presentations and we ended up with A’s.  Whew!

Group projects are challenging on so many levels; organizing everyone’s schedules so you can meet to work on the project, getting everyone on the same page so you work on your project in the same voice to make consistent points and then everyone completing their part to bring the final product together.

But there is another side to group projects that I find very rewarding.    UTD is a very multi-cultural school.   I have worked with people I would have never gotten to know had it not been for group projects.  In one of my groups this semester there are 5 of us.  In one of our first meetings we started working and I stopped and asked where everyone was from.  Zimbabwe, China, China, China and Texas – I am the only native US citizen in our group.  I find it very interesting to learn about the different cultures and to hear what has brought everyone to the US and to UTD.   One of my favorite stories is about a friend’s arranged marriage and how she moved to the US from India.  We have found we have many similarities and we grew up literally half way around the world from each other.

CulturesI find it amazing how so many international students are able to do so well in an English speaking class and give a presentation in a language other than their native one.  I’ve learned to cherish their stories, their differences and their cultures.  In our group meetings we come together as one and no one cares about politics and how our political leaders act towards each other.   What a great lesson…and it wasn’t even on my degree plan.


New Technology & Automation

I’ve been thinking a lot lately how the technology of our smart phones and automation of several things has made an impact on my life.  With a little organization and planning (which I love) I feel I can get a lot more done in less time.

ShoppingMrChewy-500x375Several examples are – One of my dogs has some food allergies and the pet store by me kept changing the treats they carried.  I found the ones she likes that are on her “approved list” online and I’ve schedule the reorders for when I need more.  Hence – cutting down on a trip the pet store.

Another example I’ve been using for years now is the automatic bill pay.  I love how I can schedule when bills paid on certain dates vs writing the check and putting it in the mail.    I can even do this from my phone or make a deposit without having to drive to the ATM, again a huge time saver.

blog-schedulingMy last example is new one for me.  I’ve found I can schedule these blog posts to post at the same time every week.  So if I actually get one done early…before my assigned posting time,  I don’t have to log in to post it sometime Thursday night.   I can schedule it for my preferred time and work on other things or just relax.  Same thing with the Facebook page I’m managing for the Golden Retriever Rescue group I’m volunteering for.  I can schedule the posts out as far as I want.  I’ll typically sit down on a Sunday and schedule out a week’s worth of stories, pictures and interactive posts through the next weekend.  Then I don’t have to worry about getting on to Facebook during the week to add content.  I can even go on vacation and no one will know any difference!

BUT earlier this week the Today Show reminded me there’s always a dark side to things.  There was a segment this week that made me see a different perspective on the advances of automation and technology.  It’s the controversy of airline pilots relying too much on automation.   It’s believed automation has made flying safer…until there is a problem and the pilots have a hard time reacting in an emergency.   They spend most of their time observing that they lose touch of some of their skills.  Then it made me think about all the people who have lost their jobs because a computer has replaced their manual skills.

I guess like everything else, it all comes down to the balance.   We have to work hard to find it in just about every aspect of our lives. image-donkey-in-air



Mid-Week Break: Brian Williams Rap

Just a reminder once you share something publicly no matter what platform, it can be saved, altered and re-shared by anyone!

These crack me up!  DJ Brian Williams


Behind the Scenes of Facebook Pages

I’ve now seen another side of Facebook.  I almost feel like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.

Wizard of Oz

For the past 6 weeks I’ve been volunteering with the rescue group where I got my Golden Retriever by helping to manage their Facebook page.  It has been a lot of fun getting to post what hundreds of people will see on a subject I love – DOGS!  Then to see some of the things I’ve been learning in school in a real world application – added bonus!


I’ve learned what type of posts works the best by following the Reach numbers.

Reach – The total number of times a post is displayed.  This can be directly from our page or if a fan shares the post on their page the number of views from their page is included in the reach total.

I’ve also learned how to schedule posts.  I now try to schedule a week of posts at a time.  There are different theories on scheduling posts.  There’s the obvious perspective that it saves time.  It makes your page remain active even if you’re busy with other things.    Then the opposite point-of-view is that it isn’t authentic because it is “planned.”  My feelings on this is our content is OK if it’s planned and it won’t be out of date as if we were a retailer or high-profile celebrity that needs to stay on top of current events and post on them.   We do monitor our fans comments in “real time” so we aren’t 100% on auto pilot.

My next quest with the Facebook page is to try to make a measurable difference with the Rescue group.  The goal when marketing for a non-profit is to raise money, increase awareness and get volunteers.  From the content I post I’ve been able to increase awareness.  The numbers from Insights give me different metrics that show how we’re doing.  The most consistent improvement I’ve been able to maintain is the increase in number of page likes (or followers).  The Post Reach and Engagement fluctuates and I can’t wait to understand how to control those numbers a little better.


I also can’t wait to try new things and see how I can make a difference for the DFWMGR Rescue group.  I’m in full acceptance of the fact that some things I might try won’t go over well, but that will push me to keep trying to find what does.


Mid Week Post – How Social Media is Changing the World

A friend recently sent this to me and I wanted to share.  It recaps everything I’ve studied on my own this summer.  Some I’ve shared with you already and some is still to come.  It’s a bit long, at lease skim over it to see all the areas in our day-to-day world that social media is changing how we receive information.  Full Graphic

How Social Media is Changing the World

As August approaches, it’s hitting me I have one month left before Fall term starts up again.  Even though I haven’t posted as regularly as I wanted to this summer, I have been busy diving into the social media world.  I now know this is where I want my focus to be as I wrap up my degree.  Hope you enjoy the infographic.