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Mid Week Break – Doggie Break Out

Happy Wednesday!  For this week’s mid-week break – here’s a great dog break out video! Watch it turn into a party.  Happy Wednesday!!


dog escape artist


My Initiation into Instagram

My latest “dive” into social media has been with Instagram.  So here’s the big picture on it.  It is a mobile application, owned by Facebook, that allows users to take photographs, apply different filters for different effects to the images and share them instantly. 

For the month of June, I participated in a photo-a-day challenge.  The challenge wasn’t through Instagram but I used it as my method to share my photos. Each day was assigned a subject that I needed to take a picture of.   I decided to fill each day’s subject with my favorite models, my dogs.


Here’s the photo list, June 5th was “Sign” and June 6th was “Hat”. Lola seemed a lot happier to participate in Sign Day than Hat Day

Also, you can see on the right I’ve added a section for my latest pictures to post.

Instagram has a large active community developed for social sharing.  One of the things I like about is, it isn’t too large.  You can choose different people to follow and it’s easy to stay caught up.  I follow some friends but also several people I don’t know.  I thought they took interesting pictures and it has been fun to see what they post from time to time.  I also follow several large name brands like Coca Cola, Patagonia, Sharpie and National Geographic.

I have to admit, when I first started taking my pictures I messed up in the setting and my photos were private.  As the first week passed of my photo-a-day challenge I was a little disappointed no one started following me.  The only comments I received were from friends on Facebook as I manually shared them there.

I soon figured out what the problem was as well as how to post directly from Instagram to Facebook.  It wasn’t long before I got a few notifications I had followers.  It excited me and made me feel accepted in the Instagram “cool” crowd.

But how did they find me?  My guess is they participated in the same photo challenge I did.  When you post pictures you can tag them with a hashtag (#).  Searches can be done for any subject you can think of, in my case #photoadayjune.  Since my pictures were of my dogs, I also could have used #dogs, #goldenretriever, #dogphotos, etc.  but I just kept with the one, #photoadayjune.

Another fun thing about Instagram is how simple they kept the guidelines.  They are called Community Guidelines and the the short version is:

  1. Post your own photos and videos.
  2. Keep your clothes on.
  3. Be respectful.
  4. Don’t spam.
  5. HAVE FUN!

Very simple and from what I can tell people follow them.  Marketers can use Instagram to appeal to consumers with similar interests.  I found some great success stores but I kept it simple today.  Maybe I’ll go into that detail another date., along with the new video option on Instagram and Vine.

Get the picture??


Mid Week Break – Dog TV

Dog TV – Why didn’t I think of this???  Well I actually did but just didn’t do anything with it…but isn’t that always how it is???  Here’s the story of my missed opportunity.

Eleven years ago I adopted my Tipper.


Look at those longs legs.  She had a lot of growing to do and a lot of energy!!!  While I was at work I would leave the TV on to keep her awake. She didn’t have separation issues, I just didn’t want her to sleep the whole day while I was at work, leaving all that bottled up energy for me to tend with when I got home.  After all, a single mom needs a little help.

100_0014She’s always been one to watch TV.  Here she is as a teenage pup watching the Westminster Dog Show.  To this day when I leave the house I turn on the TV…I’m embarrassed to say “their TV”.  We’ve gone from the Animal Planet, to the Cartoon Network and now our preference is NBC.  But now there’s a channel just for her… Dog TV.  Here’s her reaction today, when they announced on the Today Show – the new channel just for dogs, Dog TV.


Dog TV was created to provide mental stimulation and as I had done 11 years ago, help prevent boredom.  The channel has programming broken into 3-6 minutes segments focusing on relaxation, stimulation and   behavior improving segments.  For more information go to DogTV.

Grandma Marmi… this might be on Tipper’s Christmas list this year.


Mid Week Post

In case you just need a smile to get you through the rest of your week...Good Day Sunshine!  The song talks about Sunshine – perfect for the first day of Spring…even though it doesn’t look like Spring.

Staring the Pups from Service Dog Project that I’ve come to “know” and love.

Service Dog ProjectIt cracks me up how the Chuppies can’t get through the gate fast enough!


Mid Week Break

February 20th is Love Your Pet Day!  So as much as I love all my readers – get off the computer and go spend some time with your beloved 4 legged (or feathered, scaled, even a pet rock) pals today. 



Chronicles of my Online Dog-watching Obsession

As you’ve gathered from some of my previous posts, I love dogs.  I have 2 of my own but thanks to the internet, I have grown attached to a Great Dane, Noel and her 3 babies.

Early January:   While cruising through Facebook, I found a link to  It has links to live webcams of different areas around the world; 4 of them following future service dogs.  The initial one I started watching is of a litter of yellow labs that will one day serve as Warrior Canines through Warrior Canine ConnectionI had been following the labs for a few weeks watching the puppies get more mobile, get their names, move to a larger play area, etc.  BUT then my world changed. 

January 29th (Tuesday):  My sister Denise calls to tell me there is a pregnant Great Dane at the Service Dog Project site.  I log on and there is Noel, a beautiful black and white Great Dane that reminds me of my own pup, Tipper.  She’s apparently going to go deliver her puppies within the next 24 hours.   We see her get up, move around and try to burrow down in the nicely spread out blankets the caretakers have placed for her.  Denise is so excited she says, “I might have to stay up all night watching this.”

January 30th (Wednesday):  The next morning I get a text with an update from my sister, “no puppies” and throughout the day, more texts “no puppies.”  I then start making fun of her how she’s so wrapped up in following Noel.  She’s trying to figure out how she can watch Noel while at the doctor, considering changing her schedule, etc.   

January 31st (Thursday): Morning comes – still no puppies.  I’m now getting wrapped up in this and concerned.  When are these puppies going to come?  Are they OK?  Is Noel OK?  I follow along on my iPad as I’m getting ready for work.  Once settled in the office I log on for a quick check.  I had been resisting following the webcam at work but I had to see if the puppies were coming.  Just as I log on, I see Noel’s human mom, Megan take Noel out of the room.  As you watch the webcam, people comment below in a chat room style discussion so you learn about the people in the room and the operations of the Service Dog Project.  You feel like you’re part of a community following everyone’s comments, getting to know some of the regulars on line, in the room, the dogs, etc.  

In the past a hand written note would be placed stating “Out to Potty.”  By now people all across the world are watching and waiting for these puppies to be born.  So when she’s not in view of the camera, we get worried.  I see the hand written note getting placed on the futon but this time it says “Out for X-rays”.  Of course Denise and I are immediately on the phone expressing our concern for Noel. 

Now I’m not only wrapped up in this…I’m obsessed!!!  I have a 90 minute meeting but I figure out how to bring the site up on my iPhone.  Nothing happens other than draining my battery.

During lunch Noel comes back online and there is one puppy with her.  Come to find out she had the puppy on the way back from the vet.  I now have a 60 minute web conference meeting, so on one monitor I’m following the meeting but on the other monitor I have Noel up. (IF anyone from work is readying this – this is NOT a regular occurrence!)

To top off the madness of trying to keep up with my job and Noel, in honor of Super Bowl weekend my department is having a chili cook-off competition and my team is meeting at my house to cook our chili.  As I’m preparing to leave the office, I get a text from Denise saying “Now?”  I missed the delivery of one of the pups.  Denise tells me play-by-play what happened but sadly the puppy didn’t make it.  I can’t believe I missed it! 

Of course once I get home I bring up the webcam.  My plan is while we’re cooking our chili one person will need to monitor the computer.  As I’m waiting for my team to arrive of course I’m watching Noel.  Just before everyone arrives, Noel delivers another puppy and this time I’m get to see it.  Sadly just like Denise’s play-by-play details, the same thing starts to occur.  A lady helping care for Noel is now rubbing the puppy and rolling it from side to side.  The look on Megan’s face is so solemn.  I’m so sad for them and sad for the one pup thinking, who is it going to play with?  It needs a sibling.  This seems to go on for a long time but all of a sudden you see Megan’s face just light up and everyone in the room is now smiling.  Even though there isn’t sound on the webcam, I felt like I was right there with them.  I know I don’t know any of these people, dogs, etc. but the tears just started rolling down my cheeks. 

Noel had a total of 5 Nuppies.  (The “P” in puppies is replaced with the first letter of the mama dog’s name.)  Three survived – Magnus, Murphy and Mariah. 


February 6th (Wednesday):   I’ve slowed up how much I log in to watch and just check in with Noel from time to time.  BUT Denise told me today that Olive, another Great Dane on the property should be having her babies in about 10 days!  I don’t know if I can handle  another 48-60 hours waiting for the Oppies  (or Oopsies…they aren’t sure who the daddy is…seems like there’s always drama with reality TV!)

I love how the internet has opened up the experience to follow the Labrador puppies at Warrior Canines and the Great Danes at Service Dog Project.  If you dare – log on to and follow the pups.  We’ve found a few other ways to follow the pups such as Facebook and blogs.  Other than the webcam two of my favorites are the Doggy Daily blog and the Shutterfly pictures.  Here the Danes are enjoying Nemo and all the snow.

Danes in Snow

You can’t look at these without feeling some of the pure joy they are having.


Mid Week Break

Who doesn’t love a good dog story?  Pair it with social media and I have to mention it!

Yesterday afternoon (January 15th) a family opened a Facebook account under the name “Twogirlsandapuppy“.  The family had lost their dog to cancer and the parents weren’t ready to bring on a new pet (after all they already have a full house with 2 daughters and 3 sons!)

puppy sign

It’s fun to see the progress of the family’s excitement as their page goes viral.  There are comments from all around the world from viewers and they even ended up getting mentioned on Good Morning America.  In less than 7 hours from their initial post, they met their goal.  Not only did they meet their goal, they are keeping their fans informed by posting updates mentioning what kind of puppy they are looking for.  I love they are looking at rescue dogs from either a local shelter or rescue organization.

The girls were inspired by another family that did the same thing not too long ago.  Maybe I should start a campaign to win a date with Mike, the Dollar Shave Guy.

Have a good rest of the week – you’re over the hump!