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Mid Week Break

Well I was planning on taking the week off for Spring Break – just wanted some regroup time.  But just saw this and had to share!  I love my ipad…but paper does have it’s place.  iPad vs Paper

iPad vs Paper

Enjoy the rest of your week – I’m off to lunch and spa time with Julie.  🙂



Mid Week Break

Volkswagen does it again!  Volkswagen Jetta Safety Commercial

Volkswagen Commercial

Just remember – life’s short so enjoy it.  I’m off to enjoy my study group.  🙂


Mid Week Break

Volkswagen does it again.  No – I’m not talking about the Super Bowl commercial.  I’m talking about the follow up commercial.  Get Happy

San Francisco Fans - Get Happy

I love how Volkswagen as a brand just has fun.  They even have an inactive, Jib-Jab like page on their website.  VW Site  Now if they would add a dog to this, then it would be perfect!

Get Happy

Question – had the Raven’s lost, what do you think the back-up version would have said?



Super Bowl Sunday

‘Today was Super Bowl Sunday!!  Typically one the highest food consumption days of the year; a real party day.  The game is the climax of the buildup of the battle between the AFC & the NFC that starts back in the Fall, creating one of the most watched tv programs in the world…therefore creating another competition for the best commercials.  BUT when you’re a grad student…it seems to fall on prep night for the week.


Sunday night is my night to get things done!  Between a demanding full time job and class two nights a week – I have to get it done Sunday or it doesn’t get done.   So how did I partake in Super Bowl Sunday???  Compromise – not being a fan of the Ravens or the 49er’s I would fast forward through the game when I needed to catch up with the commercials.  Between folding laundry, cooking what I call my bulk meals for the week and paying bills, I watched the commercials…that I had already seen!

Cartoon - woman doing household chores

Yes!  I had already seen most of the commercials.  The media and the internet have taken some of the fun out of watching “The Game” (ha – if I were truly watching the game).  I felt like I had cheated and read the ending of the book or watched the ending of the movie first.   Had I not been multi-tasking like crazy, I would have been really disappointed.

Outside of the fact I had seen most of the commercials – I’ll list my favs for the night!

  1. Coke – I love the Coca-Cola brand.  What I liked about this commercial is they got the fans to interact with the brand by more than just viewing the commercial.  Fans got got to vote for who they wanted to get to the Coke first.  Coke Chase
  2. Pizza Hut – I love a good play on words.  The Hut
  3. Doritos – I didn’t like the goat commercial but I liked the Fashionista Daddy.
  4. Budwiser – Clydesdale – you can’t have a Super Bowl without Clydesdales! (I will admit though – I’ve like some of the previous year’s commercials better.)  Clydesdales – Brotherhood
  5. CBS – Wounded Warriors – another commercial getting viewers to take action – they asked viewers to text a $10 donation. Wounded Warrior Project
  6. Jack in the Box – I’m not a fan of Jack in the Box, nor was I a big fan of the commercial, but I liked how they got me to use my Shazam app out of curiosity to see what would come up.  However this YouTube version does not have the Shazam notation on it.  Hot Mess Burger
  7. Jeep/ USO – the reason I liked this one is – the music was the theme song to The Pacific.  For anyone that knows me – you’ll remember how I got strangely obsessed with that series.  As soon as I heard the music, along with the images and Oprah’s narration I felt a strange sense of calm come over me.  Jeep “Whole Again”

Good night!