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Coke Loses Top Title

The unique differences in the nostalgic images of Coke, the simpleness of the Apple logo and the fit, athletic associations of Nike are just some of the reasons I love studying brand awareness.

Classic Coke, Nike and Apple

I love brand history.  A few years ago while going through a company name change at work I got to sit in on a great presentation of the evolution of the FedEx brand.  At the same time I was quickly entrenched in all details of maintaining a certain brand image and all the different touch points from stationary to uniforms, signage, vehicles, etc.  It was then that I realized the importance for consistency and brand guidelines to support a brand.

Some of my favorite brands are Coca-Cola, Apple and Nike.  There is something so classic about the Coke Brand.  I’ve often joked if I were to become a truck driver I’d want to drive for Coke.  Their trucks are always so bright and just seem to make me smile.  It could subliminal from the old jingle “Have a Coke and a Smile” or it could be that the trucks are almost always clean.  Not sure if this is true or not but I heard at one time Coca-Cola has strict guidelines on how often they have to wash their trucks.

coke-santaThen there is the nostalgic image they have with their name.  I love their old signage and their old advertisements with Santa.  They’ve also done a great job evolving their brand image.  Their logo hasn’t changed much but they’ve varied the types of advertisements they create to appeal to people of all ages.  They even have a great presence on Instagram.  @cocacola

Earlier this month, Interbrand issued the latest rankings of the top brands.  Apple knocked Coke out of the top spot which it held for 13 years.  Not only was Coke knocked out of 1st place, they were knocked down to 3rd by Google.   The tech world is definitely changing the landscape around us in so many ways. 

Here is a chart that shows the top brands and their rankings over the last 13 years. 


From Bloomberg Businessweek
The Rise and Fall of the World’s 10 Most Valuable Brands



What’s Your Personal Online Presence?

In everything I hear and read about social media, a business needs to have a presence on 3 platforms.  So as an individual, how do we build our own presence and create our own personal brand?

Social Media Explained

The 3 main platforms to focus on are Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.  If you’re big in photography, art or music other platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube would be a must to add to your social portfolio.

Personal Social Media

Which ever platforms you chose you need to make sure you maintain a solid identity.  This is sooo much easier to said than done.  I’m still struggling with finding my voice in this blog, what to tweet, etc.  It’s a lot to think about it gets even more overwhelming when you think everything you do on the internet can serve as your living resume.  The days of a one page paper resume are behind us.

A few other things to keep in mind:

  1. Try to engage people to interact with you where possible and promptly respond when they do.
  2. Be as visual as possible to grab attention.  Make the content simple.
  3. Add a personal touch.
  4. Put effort in your posts.
  5. And the common theme I keep running into – Balance.  Find the appropriate balance between your personal and professional content as you build your own online presence.



What’s your Brand?

Everyone has a brand.  Companies strive to build a brand image that represents how they want to be perceived by consumers.   Each individual has their own brand as well,  a personal brand.  Celebrities have learned to profit from it and the everyday person uses it to market themselves for new jobs, status at existing jobs, meeting new people, etc.

I struggle with my personal brand.  I’m learning so much new information at school that is so different from my everyday world in the office, I have to stop and think which way am I headed? Who am I? Who do I want to be?  I’m on the home stretch of my 4th semester with 2 more to go…provided the right classes are offered at the right time.  It’s overwhelming at times but I’m going on faith.  Faith going back to school is the right decision and when all the stresses are over of projects, exams, balancing schedules and finances, I’ll end up in the right place.  And when I do, I’ll have created my new personal brand that I’m proud of.  Not that I’m not proud of my existing personal brand, but I just have that gut feel that – it’s supposed to be something different.  So that’s where I’m headed.

Now here’s a company that has worked hard on their brand and brand image. So much so, they built their corporate headquarters to match their distinguishing product…baskets.  With it being Easter Sunday the Easter Baskets have already been filled with the eggs hidden in the back yard from the Easter Bunny, the perfect company to share representing brand image is the Longaberger Company’s corporate headquarters in Newark Ohio.

Basket BuildingLongabergerBld2

Happy Easter everyone!