InTuitionAt40 Year in Review

What a year!!  I have another year behind me as well as 2 more semesters under my belt.  Let’s take a look at how my inTuitionAt40 going-back-to-school blog did.

For 2013 here are some of inTuitionAt40’s milestone:

InTuitionat40 Stats Recap

Top 5 posts –

  1. Game of Thrones Twitter Support
  2. Super Bowl Sunday
  3. SWF Desperately Seeking Successful…SEO???
  4. My First Meetup
  5. Chronicles of my Online Dog-watching Obsession

Overall it’s been a good year with my blog and school.  I’ve learned a lot in the classroom and out.  There’s still lots of unknowns of where I’m headed but I know the end is near.  I’m looking forward to have my evenings back and not having to worry with classes, exams, group projects and especially tuition…does that sound like senioritis already???  Maybe a little.  Classes start soon and I promise I’ll try to post regularly again.

Happy New Year!



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