My First Meetup

Now that school is out, I’m making sure I get out and do the things I couldn’t do because I didn’t have time.  My plan is to share with you the new things I try that relate to social media and marketing this summer.

This past week’s new adventure was attending my first Meetup.


What is a Meetup?  It’s a gathering of people with similar interests such as running, hiking, pets, dance, games, etc.  It’s an online social networking site that serves as a community bullitan board of activities and meetings going on in your area that you can sign up for and attend…off-line.

When looking up the definition of Meetup on Wikipedia I learned the interesting story of how and why Meetup was started.  After the 9/11 attacks Scott Heiferman, the sites co-founder noticed how the people of New York came together.  This connection inspired him to create the Meetup community online ( so anyone could connect with strangers with similar interests in their own community.  

So my first Meetup was with a trail running group.  Yes, I’m trailblazing again!!  It was a lot of fun.  There were 4 of us and our leader who is very familiar with the trails where we ran showed us newbies how to look for snakes, slick terrain (we just had some rain here) and poison ivy.  He also gave us tips for running on areas with large rocks, how to pace yourself when running up hills, staying hydrated and running through creeks.  My favorite part of the run was how he talked to us,  he talked about “our training.”  That gave me an instant feeling of belonging to the group.  I will definitely run again with the Tejas Trail Runners!

Happy Memorial Day!!! (from Tipper, Lola and cousin dog Maggie)

Memorial Day



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