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Mid-Week Post: Boston


Now that my last test of the semester is behind me I can relax and reflect a little better about this Monday’s tragedy in Boston.  It’s been weighing heavily on me, not only because of the horrific nature of it but also being part of the running community I can relate to how so many runners and spectators had thought their day was going to end.

Here are some of my thoughts about this changing time we live in.

  1. First I have a friend that ran in the race.  As soon as I heard the news I immediately went to Facebook to see if she had posted anything.  She had and said she was OK but could not locate her dad and son.  It was such a relief later when I read she had reunited with her family  and they were all safe.  Scary part of the story is – the meeting place they had designated was where the bomb had exploded.   I thank the power of Facebook though that Kathy was able to reach out to all those worrying about her to let us know she was OK.
  2. I’m extremely touched by the concerns of some people in my life.  Later that evening as I left my night class I noticed I had a message from a friend of mine.  She knew I traveled to races sometimes and was checking on me.  She asked if I could send her a text letting her know I was ok.  Then the next day a co-worker said he immediately thought of me as well when he heard the news.  These situations make you realize how we are intertwined with those around us.
  3. I feel for the families of the deceased and injured.  A day of expected celebration will always be scarred with the memories of this unfair tragedy they have now been forced to deal and cope with.
  4. I’m exceptionally saddened by what the bomber(s) took away from the intent of the day for so many people.  Finishing a marathon is a major accomplishment after so much sacrifice has been given during training.  To run Boston puts you at an elite status due to the qualifying requirements.  Monday night should have been filled with celebration and well deserved self-satisfaction.
  5. I’m proud of the humanity of those that helped the wounded and secured the area.  The pictures and stories are very moving.
  6. I’m proud and impressed with the runners that ran additional miles after finishing a marathon to local hospitals to give blood.
  7. I’m moved and inspired by what the running community across our nation has done to pay tribute to those affected.  I’ve seen countless posts, articles and invitations to join groups of runners to run together in honor of those in Boston.  Here’s a link to a Facebook event to log 26.2 miles at your own pace.  Run 26.2 for Boston  

Lastly, not to get on a soap box – but I’m proud to be an American and I’m proud to be a part of the running community.  I’ll continue to travel to races with my friends and I look forward to the day when they bring justice to those responsible for this gross act of humanity.




Final Countdown!

It’s the Final Countdown!!


I can see the end in sight.  (Even though my eyes itch like crazy from allergies!)   In 3 weeks I’ll be wrapping up my 4th semester in my Grad School journey.  So what’s left between now and the start of my summer break???

  • One Test – Marketing Research
  • Infographic Resume – Digital Lab
  • Data Visualization Assignment  – Digital Lab
  • Video Resume  – Digital Lab
  • Group Report & Presentation – Marketing Research
  • AdWords Group Project Report – Digital Lab

It may seem like a lot but I think it will be manageable.  Fingers crossed.  Point is – if you don’t hear much from me between now and then, chances are I’m working on one of the above items.

Even though I won’t be taking classes I’ll still be working hard this summer.  I’m determined to find my focus for my degree plan and start working towards a clear goal.  I’ve learned so much since my first day of class.  Everything seems so interesting that at times it’s a bit overwhelming.

So the good news is – I should have plenty of material during the summer for inTuitionat40!


Clouds, Clouds and More Clouds

Clouds are popping up everywhere this Spring.  And I’m not just talking about the ones outside that are preventing my painters from finishing the exterior of my house.  I’m talking about internet clouds.

They allow us to pull data or applications from servers in remote locations.   My favorite is Dropbox.  As a student I LOVE being able to access my school documents from any computer or location.

internet cloud

There is Apple’s version that I use for my iPhone – contacts, reminders, notes, etc.


There is a the category cloud on the right side of my home page that shows the categories I use for my posts.  The larger the word, the more often I use that category.

Then there is the latest one from my homework tonight.  I used a social intelligence program that pulls data from Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc for companies to “see” what consumers are saying about their brand – “the buzz.”  It’s very similar to a category cloud but this one is called a term cloud and displays the overall emotions (positive – green, negative – red) about the brand Odwalla along with the terms used.

Word CloudI love the new ways of reading data!  And I love having my data stored elsewhere in case my phone or computer crashes.  And I DO love the rain the clouds in the sky are bringing my lawn…but could they just hold off a week so my house can get painted????


Mid-Week Post: Club W

Who needs techno music, crowds or smoked filled rooms with a club like this!  Club W is your own personal wine matchmaker.

Wine Bottles

Answer a few questions about your feelings towards different flavors like coffee, salt, citrus, etc. and how adventurous you are about trying new foods, then it builds a profile for you.  One thing I didn’t understand – it didn’t ask me about my feelings towards chocolate…I guess that would create a need for a whole different club!

Club W takes your answers and gives you  recommendations of 12 wines for you to choose from.  As a member you get 3 bottles of wine for $39.  If you order 6 bottles shipping is free.  You can also learn about the specific wines from their website, or QR codes on the bottle

blogqrQR Code (Quick Response Code) = an image that can be scanned to give you information.  Use for a variety of applications but a growing use is for marketing.  


And yes iPhone users, there is an App!!!