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8 of My Favorite Stress Relievers

I’ve now wrapped up my Finals (that’s why I was MIA for a while) but I still have A LOT to do to catch up on life in general and prepare for the Holidays.  I know I’m not the only one that’s busy and we all have our own schedule demons we deal with everyday.  With that said, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things that put me in a good mood, relieve stress or just put a smile on my face.

#8 Retail Therapy: This can be tricky during the Holidays because you’re in stores or looking online for others.  It’s so easy to find things that would look just perfect in your house or on you.  For budget’s sake I recommend this one in March through October.

Retail Therapy

#7 Just Dance on Wii:  Most of my friends make fun of me for this one but if you’ve ever tried it then you know what I’m talking about.

Just Dance

#6 Hot Yoga:  Two years ago I started taking hot yoga classes.  The heat loosens up my muscles and it’s so easy to just tune the world out and listen to the instructors voice guide me through the poses.  I don’t have to think because he or she is telling me what to do.  The best is when I hear them say that I’ve struck my pose…beautifully.


#5 Pinata Parties:  Nothing like beating the crap out of something when it’s sole purpose is on this earth is to take a good beating.  I went to a party last year where we stuffed our own pinatas with candy and wrote on paper whatever issues in our lives were giving us stress or making us sad or angry.  Pair that with a bunch of your closest friends, great food and wine – stress free here you come!

Pinata Party

#4 Massages:  Ahhhh…this is where I can really check out for an hour or more.  Nothing like the total escape from the world and pure relaxation.  My favorite place here in Dallas is Body & Sole.  For $29 you get an amazing reflexology foot massage.  If you have the time to follow it with a back massage, even better.

Foot Massage

#3 Laughing with Friends over Dinner & Wine:  Best friends are the best.  Over the years, I’ve been tested with different struggles or disappointments in life.  I’m so thankful for my closest friends and family.  I wouldn’t trade them for anything! (Before anyone gets on to me – I need to note – not all friends and family are represented below.)


#2 Running:  This past Fall, I can’t explain it but running has truly become my therapy.  There have been times I was mad about something or frustrated with everything on my to-do list.  At the beginning of my run I would think of all the things I would tell the person I was mad at or how I was frustrated with everything on my plate.  Somewhere along the course, I would just zone out, think how great my run felt mentally and physically.  I’d not only forget about my stresses but as I would walk back in my front door at the end, I’d no longer care about what or who I was mad at and I’d have a plan on how to get everything done.


#1 Playing with the Dogs:  They love me unconditionally.  How can that alone not make me smile?  I love walking in my front door to their excited, happy faces.  The best is when it is still daylight and we can go out in the backyard and play.


So as life gets a little hectic just remember to take time out for you with your own personal stress relievers and most importantly, smile.




Trailblazing Debut

Part 3 of the development of my trail running quest and my own marketing principle.

Development Milestone 12:  Dec 1, 2012 Race Day!!!  Yesterday was my trail running race debut.  I showed up a little early just in case I couldn’t find the park.


The race sold out so I felt pretty lucky to have a spot.  The weather was perfect, a little windy but dry and a nice 67 degrees.  Can’t beat that for Dec 1st!!  The course started out on a flat field where we were soon routed to the wooded trails.  We had to run single file due to the narrow paths so I had to strategically time passing the runner in front of me.  Yes, I actually was able to pass people!  I found I like the challenge of the quick sprint to pass or the small uphill slopes.  Thankfully there’s normally a downhill on the other side to help me catch my breath.


What a great morning!  Not only did I run my first 5K by myself but I finished my first trail race AND placed 4th in my division!!!  It was a lot of fun.  Hopefully there will be other similar races throughout the year.

Now…how did the Poser Principle wrap up…

The primary premise of my principle is we all want to be either someone we’re not, be better at something than we really are, or just look good doing it!

Marketers know this and I fell right into the trap!  I saw the girls running in the Athleta catalog and I wanted to be like them.   It doesn’t have to be the Athleta catalog, a sport or athletic “look” to mimic.  It can be a the image of a model in a great holiday outfit.  One could think they will have as much fun as she is having if they purchase that dress or top.  Companies use pretty pictures, celebrity endorsements or slice of life imagery to entice us.  In my case – it wasn’t just the attire I went after but the lifestyle.  I got a lot out of this experiment.  It may not get the rest of my tuition covered by my innovative theory but I found a great healthy stress reliever to help get me through my future stressful times of school and life.

Trailblazing:  Suggestive of one that blazes a trail; setting out in a promising new direction; pioneering or innovative

OH and I can’t forget the last stage of the Consumer Decision Process.  STAGE SEVEN: DIVESTMENT (Disposal, recycling or remarketing)  This won’t happen for  a while. I have a lots of miles to run with my North Faces!!!