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Spring Cleaning…in October???

Wow – what a busy & productive Sunday I’ve had!  After a few weeks of not feeling motivated to do much of anything, I woke up today ready to change that.  First I got up and out of the house in time for a 9 am yoga class.  Afterwards joined a good friend and Starbucks just to catch up.

Then I’m not sure what came over me.  On my way home I decided to attack the house cleaning that I’ve been putting off for some time now. (Sorry Mom that this wasn’t done before your visit.)

First I started clearing away the dog hair tumbleweeds.  Not that my two hoodlums aren’t enough to cause my house to look like its own version of the Wild Wild West, but we also had my sister’s dog Maggie stay with us for most of October as her family traveled.  Let me just say – three different dogs shed 3 different ways.

As the floors began to clear, so did my head and I became addicted to the “clean” look that was overtaking my surroundings.  I couldn’t seem to stop.  I have done enough laundry today for a family of five  (I even hand washed a pile of clothes that had accumulated in the corner of my closet),  I finished the touch up painting of my bathroom that I started MONTHS ago,  I emptied all the recycle bins, the shelves are dusted, the bathrooms are clean, the dog beds are washed, the groceries are put up AND most of all – the floors are clean!!!

I know today’s post has nothing to do with going back to school or marketing but hopefully it’s a sign of fresh new topics for you in the upcoming weeks.



Are you Native or an Immigrant? Part 2

I wanted to continue a little more on last week’s post.  I thought about how I’ve changed recently to utilize some of the benefits that technology has to offer.

  • I love having one of my textbooks on my iPad.  BUT in true immigrant form, I take notes from the chapters in a spiral notebook.
  • When I research topics for my group projects, I copy and paste the information from articles I find on the internet along with the link to the site for future reference.  Then I digitally highlight the points of interest I used vs printing out the article and highlighting with an actual highlighter pen.
  • I have created flash cards on my iPhone w vocabulary words vs old paper note cards.
  • I not only input my grocery list on my iPhone vs paper notes, I have lists for different stores in my phone as well.
  • I love that the latest iPhone update put Reminders on the iCloud.  I can now type in my to-do’s or reminders and access them from my phone at anytime.

Where I have a ways to go to keep up with my Native classmates:

  • I do still print reports or presentations out to edit them
  • I still print out the professors lecture notes before class so I can take notes “old school” style by the slide vs typing them in the presentation like my peers do.
  • AND most of all – I don’t switch media every two minutes!  Seriously???  How does anyone focus with all that change???

I will say I’m improving in my digital savvy skills by picking up some of the digital native ways, but I will always hang on to some of my immigrant traits and be proud of them.

Mid Week Break

As I search the internet learning about digital media, digital marking, social media, etc I came across this I thought I’d share.  It’s kind of cute and perfect if you need a mindless break.
Here’s the story behind the pictures:  A photographer, Theron Humphrey was working as a commercial photographer.  In 2011, he decided to travel the US with a goal to meet one new person a day.  He took Maddie, his animal shelter rescue pup with him and put her to work.
It all started when a friend challenged Theron to see if Maddie would stand on four soup cans.  She did! And on the first try!!!
I need to show this to my pups, they’ll be glad I just make them study with me.

Are you a Native or an Immigrant?

In the midst of all the terms I’m learning for school I stumbled across these on my own – “digital native” and “digital immigrant”.
Digital Native – people who have grown up with mobile technology.  They move sub-consciously between devices and media platforms (TV, computers, tablets and smartphones).
Digital Immigrants – people who have learned about mobile media in their adult lives.
My immediate thought “I’m Native!”   When I study I move from devices…along with my faithful study buddies.
We study at my computer –

computer_study And we study on my iPad

Studying with Ipad

And we study on my iPhone  –

Studying with iphone Flashcards

But it turns out it’s not that simple and there’s more to the evaluation.

Digital Natives
  • Like to receive information fast – check
  • They like to multi-task – check
  • Prefer graphics before their text – hmmm…half and half
  • They function best when networked – half and half
  • They thrive on instant gratification – check
Digital Immigrants
  • Print out digital documents to edit vs editing online.  Ahhh – They got me – check

Here’s where it gets interesting  – A study was done comparing the two suggests this transformation in how time is spent, patterns of visual attention and emotional consequences of modern media consumption is rewiring the brains of a whole generation.

So how do marketers attract the attention of both Natives and Immigrants?  Or better yet…how do teachers engage (Native) students and keep their interest if they are used switching media.  I remember in my high school sometimes using the class set of textbooks and thought that was exciting.   Especially the day I got Farrah Fawcett’s copy.  She went to my high school!

If you want to read more: