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Reality check…full circle

Tonight I left for class feeling ambitious and thinking I’m going to school! Tonight’s my in-class school night and it’s about a subject I’m really interested in!  Interactive Digital Media.

I sit down with my iPad instead of a text book feeling pretty good about myself. The lecture starts and it’s a guest speaker.  Now I’m even more excited…someone from the industry is going to tell us about how search engines work.  This is so far from what I do all day – how exciting!  Well…as he starts speaking I hear more acronyms than we have in our office.   Some I know…most I don’t.  SEO, PPC, CPC, CVR, the list goes on – ahhhh!!!!   I tell myself  “Just take notes and you can look it up later.”   I begin to feel a little better as I’m able to figure some of them out during the lecture.  Then the questions start popping up from my fellow classmates.

That’s where things really start to turn.  Seriously??  How do they know all this stuff already?  How do they know how to ask such in-depth questions?   I’m now feeling old.  All I can think about is how yesterday I was fitted for my mouth guard so I will quit clinching my teeth when I sleep.

Then I remember next week I go to the eye doctor where I’ll probably have to get stronger lenses for my glasses!  I sit in the classroom thinking – What am I doing here!!???!!  What do I really want to do with myself when I finish this program?  It seemed like everyone in the room is there building off what they are already doing in their every day lives.   I don’t deal with any of this stuff.  I deal with placing fixtures in a store, customer traffic patterns and managing rollouts.  I deal with the brick and mortar world – not the digital world!

Thankfully, reality kicked in……………that’s why I’m here.

I’m here to learn new things and open new doors.  I don’t have to know what I want to do at this moment.  So I tuned back into class and left feeling different than when I walked in the door…

but still optimistic!!

Good night!



Lessons from Summer School

Wow – what a summer!!!  My last post was July 16th.  When I signed up to take summer school I thought…no  problem.  Work is usually a little lax during the summer; we have summer hours where we can leave early on Fridays.  I thought I can stay in the afternoons on Friday’s when everyone is gone, leaving the office quiet to get a lot done or leave to take care of some school stuff.  Summer school is so doable!!  Hahahahahaaa famous last words!!!

Lesson One – NEVER AGAIN!  Six hours in summer school and a full time job do not work together.

Lesson Two –  aftermath [af-ter-math] noun: something that results or follows an event, especially one of a disastrous or unfortunate nature.

It took me until now to recover from the aftermath of my summer school finals and final projects.

Lesson Three  – justification [juhs-tuh-fi-key-shuhn] noun: a reason, fact, circumstance, or explanation that justifies or defends.

At happy hour with friends from my first semester, we compared stories from each of our summer school courses giving us all a feeling of justification that we weren’t alone in our mental torture.

Of course there were other lessons learned in my classes.   Some I will take with me…others not so much.   I happily passed both courses with A’s and I’m moving on to my Fall term.  I’m excited about both courses and excited to get back to blogging.