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A Company’s Story…

In my spare time…which is very limited these days, I read articles about digital or social media for businesses.   My theory is, I’ll try to implement different techniques in this blog as well as maybe learn enough to get ahead in my first Digital Media class in the Fall.  So when reading these articles I try to substitute “inTuitionat40” for said “Company” or said “Brand”.  
This past week I read an article titled  “How to Tell Your Company’s Story.”  It started with –  
“As in dating, telling your company’s story requires a little planning, talking, and listening. You can unearth the good stories about your company by asking yourself (or others in your company) the right questions.
Well…due to Y-E-A-R-’s of dating experience – I’m pretty comfortable with the challenge of the get-to-know-you conversation.  So when you put social media in the same realm as dating – I’ve decided to challenge myself to up my get-to-know-you chit-chat and learn how to treat this blog as a real brand.  At the same time keep you- my current, faithful followers interested to build a long term relationship with inTuitionat40; as well as see how I can build new relationships to grow my current fan base beyond the current total of 24.  
So watch out faithful 24!  More exciting things to come as I take you through my social media “speed dating” experiment!!!

Ode to Dads

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there.  I love seeing all the Dad’s Day gifts posted on Facebook.   Some good, some…well not so good but I can tell a lot of heart went into them. 

Here’s a picture that I pulled out of the photo vault.  

I think part of the joy dads must get is the excitement we get in giving them something we thought long and hard on.  Something we think will be perfect.  I mean come on – this is one fine light to use in the garage to work on projects or hang in the attic when bringing down the Christmas decorations.    You can tell that I’m taking a lot of pride in showing him that his gift has an on/off switch.  Today Dad’s favorite gift is a Chili’s gift card.   Baby Back Ribs are his favorite so I know I can’t go wrong there.  

Another thing I can’t go wrong about my dad is knowing he’s there if I need him and even when I don’t think I do.  He’ll offer a tip or piece of advice about something that I may not always realize at the time I need.  Just like a few weeks ago when I showed him my new car – and he asked to see under the hood.  I learned where the lever is to pop open the hood…after driving my car for over 3 months!  

 So Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  Hope you had a great relaxing day and did what you wanted to do.

And special thanks to my Dad for all he’s done for me.   


Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses…

Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses…or pop the hood.

My parents are in town visiting for my niece’s high school graduation. They had not seen my new car so while we were all hanging out yesterday evening I decided to give them a tour. Some of you may think – big deal. Well seeing that I kept my old car for 13 years – it is a big deal. I first show my mom and as typical women we just look at all the bells and whistles and call the showing done. A little bit later I show my dad and the tour starts very similar until he says “Let’s look under the hood.” For the life of me I could not find the lever to pop it open. I even pulled out the car manual and it didn’t have anything under “hood”. As I was sitting there trying to think what else I could look up, my dad offers his assistance by saying “h-o-o-d”. All I could do was laugh because I was so dumbfounded I couldn’t open the hood to my new car. The same new car that allows me to play music from my iPhone, with the flick of a button tell it who to call while I’m driving and lets me control the volume from my steering wheel. Again, you may be thinking – big deal. If so, I need to remind you of the 13 year relationship I had with my 4Runner that had a cassette deck and a broken antenna.

So the point to my story is – sometimes with all the daily to-do’s we put on ourselves we lose sight of the simple things around us. With that said, tomorrow I will figure out how to get to my spare tire. What are you going to do?