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There’s no crying in baseball…

There’s no crying in baseball…and there’s no being sick in grad school.  As I’ve said before either here on my blog or to some of you in person but one of the main things I’m learning during my grad school experience is time management.  I’ve really tried to keep life as normal as possible over the last few months.  I’d like to think I’m keeping up with school, work and a semi-normal social life.  To manage and balance all three takes work…a lot of work…and there is NOT time to stop if you don’t feel well.
Point being, I know it’s been a while since my last post.  I’m going to blame it on what I like to call – sinus week.  I had decided I’d start posting once a week, preferably on Sunday evenings.  Needless to say I was set back by the North Texas’ Allergy-ageddon of 2012.   The first weekend was when the on-set was coming on and I didn’t even know it.  Then this past weekend was spent catching up on my marketing group project and life in general.
So to catch you up on grad school life – here’s what you missed out on since my last post….
  • I took my 2nd Statistics test.  I got an 81 (class ave was 88).  Not too happy with it but considering how I felt last Tuesday I’m lucky to have only been 7 points below average.  The lowest grade was 56.  Hopefully he/she was a victim of Allergy-ageddon too.  Good news is I can drop my lowest score if I do well on the final.
  • I completed my first grad school term paper.  It was a group project in Marketing and we rocked our presentation.  I got nervous and flew through my slides but I have to say – they were great looking slides!!!  As far as the whole process goes for the paper, at first I complained about having to do a group project with people I didn’t know.  In the end, I have to say, I was very proud of the completed the final product.   We all had very different personalities and strengths, so we brought different things to the project that no one could have done on their own.  Click here to see the presentation
  • I’m weeks away from finals – then I get to celebrate in true college student fashion with a girls trip to Mexico!!



My Star Supporters

As I’ve mentioned before everyone around me has been very supportive on my going back to school efforts.  Two of my biggest supporters are Tipper and Lola.  Just today they let me take picture after picture of them so I could  make an Easter message for you.


Their Easter message may be cute – but it also served a purpose.  I’ve been working with different graphic programs trying to learn how I can make a logo for my Marketing term project.   It’s a group project and one of my portions is to create a logo for our retail start-up, a green home improvement store.

Here are a few options – vote if you’d like.    (Remember these are works in progress.)

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

HOT Registration

Tomorrow I register for Summer and Fall terms.    I’ve scouted out the available courses with my degree plan and it concerns me for future semesters that there aren’t a lot of options.  Regardless I’ll be taking 2 classes each term; one in the classroom and one online.  I’m interested to find out how the online courses go but I’ll save that topic for another day.

As I mentioned above, when scheduling my classes for each semester I referenced my degree plan and course schedules.  My latest “learning” in my back-to-school efforts is another tool available for “us” students in our registration efforts …Rate My Professor (  It is a website where you can type in a professor’s name and see how previous students have rated them.  The different categories are:

  • Overall Quality
  • Helpfulness
  • Clarity
  • Easiness
And drumroll….
  • Hotness
Now none of my current teachers have been rated on this “Hotness” measurement and sadly none of my future professors have received a chili pepper either.  You aren’t rated on the 4 point scale as in the other categories for Hotness – you get a chili pepper.  Mom, does this make you wish you were still teaching???
Here’s to chili peppers in my future!!