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In my humble opinion – this is social marketing at its finest!

I’ve found the viral videos or ideas I used to find just humorous, I now look at in a totally different perspective. Here’s one I recently heard about on the Today Show, found it funny, so I decided to look into it a little more.

Here’s what I’ve found, two guys came up with the idea in December of 2010 at a party. They developed their business model and created the video/ commercial to gain the interest of financial backers. Just recently the video was uploaded to YouTube on March 5th and now has over 3 million views. The video cost around $5K to make and with the concept being a “club” with monthly deliveries, they immediately created repeat sales at a low (marketing) start up cost.

Now I’m just one semester into Grad School and we really haven’t discussed social media much but from what I can tell these guys hit the jackpot. I just have 2 questions about this…

1. How many great ideas have we all come up with at a party and done nothing about???

2. It doesn’t appear that Mike has a wedding ring on…I wonder if he’s single??


I’ve moved!!!

My first lesson in blogging – friends and family want to know when I’ve added a post without having to check the website all the time.  So I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress.

Bear with me as I get this one up and running…

Tests vs Exams

I hadn’t really thought much about the differences between a test vs an exam until recently.

2012 has tested me in its first 2 months.  Some tests I brought on my own like the adjustment to graduate school and all that comes with it.  I had already mentally prepared myself for those challenges but it has been the other tests that life can throw at you that I wasn’t prepared for.  But who ever is.  These tests included an increased work load in the office on top of a being down 2 people on my team, a breakup, a sister in the hospital, the death of a dear friend’s father, a pup with a hurt back (which disrupted normal sleeping arrangements for 2 weeks) and car problems.   Juggling work, visits to the hospitals, visits to the vet, and bumming rides to and from school like I did when I was in Jr High, have taught me more about focus and time management than I had prepared myself for.

I’m happy to say I survived all the tests that have been thrown at me recently and now I’m learning how to prepare for exams (again).  I have felt like I’ve been at a bit of a disadvantage because I didn’t have any math or business courses in my undergrad education.  The Art department had its own basics – Drawing 1, Drawing 2, etc.  So not only have I been learning to study again, I’m catching up with a lot of my peers in my classes.  Earlier this week I took my first exam as a graduate student.  I prepared the best I could but was still nervous.  As I flipped through the pages I was happy to find that I actually knew most of what was being asked and I felt like I made the best educated guesses where I wasn’t 100% sure.  I have another exam next week – then I’ll be on the books with grades and on my way with my Graduate School GPA.