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There was a breakthrough tonight!

Last week in Statistics the professor said we would be discussing Chapter 6 in class tonight.   I decided not to worry about the chapters I hadn’t been able to read/ catch up on and just skipped to Chapter 6.  Before I share what happened in class I need to paint a picture of what was really going on…Chapter 6 = Probability.  AND the professor said a lot of people want to drop the class after Probability is covered.  Soooo – seeing that I had not been able to completely follow everything thing before, the probability for me keeping up in tonight’s class was slim.


I finally feel like I had a break through and it felt great!   I just wish I hadn’t had such a hard time getting my computer set up and had been able to be current with the reading/ homework up to this point.  I know I can’t dwell on the past – I just have to figure out how to catch up over the next 2 weeks (that’s when my first mid-term is) AND study the current material at the same time.

It will be hard but I’m happy to know that when I do, things will definitely be easier.   As I said before, this going-back-to-school thing has been hard, at times even painful but I’m excited that things are beginning to come together.



I had my first group project meeting today.   It was for my Marketing Management class.  The group consists of those of us that were sitting around each other the first day.  None of us knew each other before and we are all very different.  It was very interesting how the dynamics of the different study techniques, ways of thinking and communicating brought our concept ideas together for our first group paper.  During our meeting I couldn’t help but think Corporate America has prepared me for this.  I thought we attended school in preparation for the work force but I’m beginning to think otherwise.

Not sure if I’m worthy of my virtual high five yet but I’m getting close.  Tomorrow will be the start of the 5th week of classes.  I think it’s safe to say I’ve almost adjusted.  Learning to study again from a text book vs a meeting held in the office has definitely  been a challenge.  I’m working hard to manage my calendar and “social” time to allow for studying…if only just showing up to class was enough.  I have to say my friends and family have been very supportive.  As part of my “adjustment period” the last few weeks, I have noticed a change in my way of thinking and how I pick up on different words now in conversations with friends, the news or in magazines and think how they relate to Marketing or Statistics.   Speaking of Statistics I’m happy to say I’m still getting it.  Tonight I spent most of the evening kind of listening to the Grammy’s and reading about probabilities.  Sadly I had to find out from Facebook it is snowing outside.

Even though this experience has been been a hard adjustment, so far I’m still enjoying it and feel even stronger that I made the right decision.   Hopefully after mid-terms I’ll feel the same way. 🙂


Yes!  I finally feel like I’m moving foreword!  Going into my Statistics class tonight I had not been able to do any of the problems at home because I spent last week working on setting up my computer.  Then spent the weekend reading my Marketing homework.Even though I was behind on working through the problems on my own I was happy that I could I understand and keep up during the lecture; as well as follow along with my new friends in class as they discussed the problems they ran into when working through the textbook.

The progress didn’t stop there, our professor let us out a little early so I came home, set up shop at the coffee table and with the help of my study partners, I was able to work through some of the problems in the text book.

After next week I think I will deserve a virtual high five from anyone following me!

-Good night.