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The first half of today’s lecture didn’t cover anything we were supposed to read before hand.  I was so lost.  Not a good sign. I need to somehow find more information on cost analysis than was in Chapters 1,2 or 6.  Hmmm this could get interesting.

Other than that my next objective is to study a campus map and find another way to get out of the parking lot.


I’m Catching Up

I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  In reality it was a short tunnel and I know the potential for struggles in the near future are high but I just don’t like being behind this early.  Hopefully a week from now I’ll be caught up with my classes and my house will to be clean.  (Provided Lola’s doesn’t decide to recreate her mud tracking incident from Friday night!)

Who knows, I might even get a few workouts in.  Fingers crossed.

One thing I find very interesting is the different communication tools on the computer.  I have a email address.  I thought this would be used more once classes started.  But I have figured out is is mainly for overall campus or school issues.  I receive my lovely tuition payment notifications on my .edu account as well as notification about parking lot construction and contests for students.  The Marketing advisor also uses this address for communication,

BUT the most important area of communication is eLearning (also knows as Blackboard).  I have an area on eLearning for each class.   (Statistics and Marketing Management)  In each area the professor can post notifications for class, reading schedules, etc.  Later my grades will be posted there as well.  There are message boards for everyone in the class to communicate with each other or areas where you can email/ communicate with just certain people i.e. a study group or team for group projects.

There is another area called Galaxy (which makes sense because we are the UTD Comets).  This area is where you register, pay for parking tickets, buy parking passes, look up course books, etc.  It’s all very confusing until you start using it.  Now that I know all these different areas exist and I’ve used them, I really like all the different connection points that are available.


For the past week I have literally been consumed by my computer.  For my Statistics class I need a laptop for class.  Catch is  – that computer needs Windows based Excel…I have a Macbook.  On my Mac I have Excel for Mac – but that doesn’t work.  So for the past week I’ve been trying to load Windows on my Macbook in many different ways.

Week 2 is behind me but I feel so behind because I haven’t really been able to focus on studying because I’ve been focused on getting the proper tools for class.  As of tonight I have everything set up and I’m ready to go.  🙂  Now to catch up on my assignments.
More to come when I’m not so tired.

First Day of Class

Tonight was my first day of class.  Due to some first day jitters, I left in plenty of time to get there.  Even on my drive to campus I thought “I’m such a nerd leaving so early”.  Well…let me tell you…I COMPLETELY forgot about the madness of a campus parking lot.  You have to circle around like sharks waiting for someone to come out and hope you’re in the right position to call the spot with your blinker over the other car in your lane.  I found a walker, called it with my blinker and took the spot even though it was in the green parking area when I paid for gold!  Who cares it was a parking spot.

I easily find my classroom and settle in a spot just a few rows from the back.  The professor comes in and briefly talks about the course and then calls roll.  Seeing that there are probably 60+ students in my class it took a while.  Near the end I look in the front row to see my friend Ashely that I met in the GMAT prep class.  I’m so excited that I’m going to have a friend in my class.  THEN – even more excited as our teacher asks who has taken Statistics before, Ashley raises her hand.  Then she asks who did well in it?  Ashley keeps her hand up!  Yay I know someone that will understand this can help me if I need it.  I have to add Ashley has already started organizing a study group.

Then the lecture begins.  I’m excited that I understand everything in the lecture and that I understand the formulas in Excel.  I love Excel!!  During the lecture I’m taking notes in my new spiral that I bought while school supply shopping; while most of the other students (younger students) are taking notes on their laptops.  As I’m manually writing things out in the spiral that I’m now questioning, I’m thinking about switching to taking notes digitally.  THEN – the professor puts a formula up on the screen with a symbol in it and I hear the girl next to me say “hmmm”.  I just relished in my old school note taking and confidently scribbled on.

Yay Mu!

Back to School Days

So in true back to school fashion this weekend I got my school supplies and a haircut.  Then today thanks to Katie and an expiring Groupon we took a speed reading class.  I learned several different techniques that hopefully help me with my text book readings.

Now I just need to find out where my parking pass needs to go and what I need to load on my laptop for Statistics.  Classes start on Tuesday!

Guess who’s going back to school?

A year ago if you had told me I would be registered at The University of Texas at Dallas for a Masters in Marketing AND blogging about it, I wouldn’t have believed you.  You could say I started off 2011 with either a mid-life crisis or just a lot of self-introspection about my future.  Twelve months later I’ve taken but not so much mastered the GMAT, been accepted into graduate school, have met my adviser and registered, and, as of today  I’ve paid my first tuition payment…OUCH!  (The mid-life-crisis sports car will have to be a graduation present.)
So why blog about it?
I’ve attended two orientation classes for my up-and-coming “future.”   As I sat there and listened to the presentations I got excited about what was ahead of me but also had to laugh to myself … and later on the phone with friends and family. 
The main driver for me to go back to school was to learn new skills to make a change with my career, not so much for the diploma, additional letters after my name, etc.   To be honest, the thought of going back to a campus, studying for exams, homework, group projects, papers, class time, etc, overwhelmed and scared me a bit.  Not to mention it didn’t sound like fun!
Here’s where the fun begins…in my first orientation I learned how the Student Union Building “rocks” because it has pool tables and was reminded about the ever-so-fun college health clinic being available as well as my all time undergrad favorite – intramural sports…NOT!   I have a full-time job along with very close relationships with friends and family- and I can’t leave out my very faithful pups, Tipper and Lola that all fill my time nicely.  Can I have a discount on my tuition if I promise not to play pool, join a soccer team or go see any of their “doctors”?
In last night’s orientation “honesty and leadership” were the focus.  Again… I’ve worked for large corporations where I would not have survived without being honest and ethical.  Leadership?  Anyone close to me will understand these words “RESIGN PROJECT ”.  This rollout taught me under the fire of deadlines, how to lead an 1800 project rollout with many moving pieces and people involved. 
So to sum this up, I have a little more confidence now for next Tuesday’s first day of class and look forward to what I’m going to learn about marketing and life as a 41 year old college student…